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This is the place where most of you will be heading so I'll keep it simple. If you have trouble with the files after you have read the Download Instructions and downloaded the file, email me and I'll tell you what to do, to try and fix it. Simple. 

  • Houses - You know, the things where people live!
  • Skins - new outfits for sims! 
  • Furnishings - The little comforts in our lives!
  • Cars - You can't go to work in them though.
  • Flooring - The stuff that goes on the floor!
  • Walls - Oh come on!
  • Miscellaneous - Any old stuff that don't fit the categories!
  • Programs - I nearly forgot that one, but one of the most important, just some little tools that have been developed for you The Sims Community!

You may have noticed I do like to use those bullets, but if there any problems, contact me by visiting the contacts page, or by emailing me now.


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