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You can start with a simple family. Husband and Wife:

 The Male And Female Sim

You may decide that one of your objectives is to get these two in love. So start by making them talk, and as you get new options use them. But don't give a back rub to anybody under 30 otherwise you'll receive a few minuses. When they are above 50 start to make them hug and compliment each other, then when you think they are ready make them kiss.

Two Sim Characters Kissing!

Once you pair of lovebirds are settled in to their new home, you may start to think about a child, if your lovers kiss about 4 times in a row, one may ask for a baby. So you reply yes, and a baby appears - Simple. Once your baby has magically arrived you need to give him/her a name depending on whether its a girl or a boy. Your baby will cry, so place in the front room in the day and in the parents room at night. That way they will wake up and your baby won't get taken away by social services!

After three days of hard parenthood your baby will develop into a child and be one of the family. But be careful, if they miss school a lot, they will be forced to go to military school!


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