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In 'The Sims' there are plenty of jobs to do. With lots of different situations that you are placed in. 

Once you pair of lovebirds are settled in to their new home, you may start to think about a Job. Which one for them is ideally the one that best matches their personality traits. So if this is a very active person, then the Pro Athlete career is probably the best job to go for. Once you have your job, then you can work to get promoted and then (hopefully!) you will fly up the ranks in no time!

Firstly you have to work on the skills. Each job has it's own necessary skills needed, to build these up you need to work on the skill in hand. E.g. If this guy is a Pro Athlete then make him work out on the gym machine. But if you are a
CHEATER then you can find the ''Sim Editor' which changes your skill points and you're personality traits, and that is floating about the Internet somewhere and on our site on the programs section of this site.

Then secondly you need family friends, you'll find that you need about 14 in total to get to the top. As you progress up the job ladder, you are requested to have 'x' amount of friends to go up to the next level. I find that you can have one person getting the job and the other making friends so that they both go up at a steady rate. But be careful not to lose these friends, it could lose you your next promotion! 

As and when you get to the top you find the game much more easier and relaxed and you can start to think about other things rather than the job. Nearly each job has a different car, you start of with an old wrecked chevy, and then progress as you're job progresses. So eventually you are left with a Limo to pick you up each morning. How nice.

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