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  • Tuesday, April 17, 2001
    We have a brand new object, a tropical plant. It was made using a custom mesh and then texturing. Click here to download.

    We have some more objects on the way, so keep on coming back! And don't forget to vote and bookmark us.


  • Monday, April 16, 2001

    I added some new graphics to the side bar (right). They're now 3d buttons rather than plain boring ones. Oh and there's a new forum, so post your questions, tips, or anything you like, in there.


    The objects have been delayed until tomorrow, the main object I was working on turned out rubbish, so I gotta sort that out. Also tomorrow, I will have some new skins, by a friend of mine who runs The Sims Comics. So look out for that!


    Lastly, if any of you talented sim people, are looking for a place to upload your sims work. eg. objects and walls. You can become a full member of the team, and become one of our creators, or you can have them hosted on the site, with full credit on your part. Email me @ eddy@riffraff.co.uk


  • Sunday, April 15, 2001

    Some new files at last! We have 5 wall files that have been created and uploaded today. Click here to go straight to the downloads. Since nobody has replied yet, to become a part time member of the team, I had to get down to some graphics work, and I came up with some simple walls.


    Also I hope to get some new objects up tomorrow. I've just got to tweak them and upload them and voila , some new objects. So bookmark Eddy's Simz now and come back tomorrow.


    Oh and we have joined up with The Sims Resource, to create a site list. It counts how many unique visitors we have, so tell all your friends about Eddy's Simz, and get us to No. 1.  


  • 12-4-01 - As the worldwide threat of frozen bandwidth costs and falling ad revenues continue to topple Sims sites, one of the oldest fan sites in existence, "Mall of the Sims", has completed the launch of their "Mots Map" Premium subscription service. While still maintaining a free version, Mots hopes to raise badly needed funding from the release of this new service.

    The new downloadable Mots Map "tool" allows shoppers to access stores and their contents 200% faster than the alternative "Free" version. A shopping cart system gives the subscriber a useful way to download large numbers of skins, walls, floors, and so on for "The Sims" using an "add item to cart" checkbox. A keyword search engine also allows subscribers to search every store in the mall for their favorite "blue sweater"!

    Related URL: www.mallofthesims.com

  • 11-4-01 - Oh dear. Eddy's Simz has been down for at least two months. Tripod.com accidentally removed my site and have now restored it. But major things have happened since. www.mycomputer.com have stopped their free counter and guest book services, so I have had to change to www.bravenet.com .  

    Click here for the new forum we made. Also Blueprint is coming out, and you know what that means! New Objects!!!

  • 25-12-00 - I am very sorry for the lack of updates recently, but here they are! We have a new guest creator called Jocke, who is cloning and re-coloring, but he is learning to create brand new objects. Yippee - ki - yay, I hear you shout! Visit his page now! I also have redesigned the objects page, ready for some bulk uploading, because I know you guys n' girls are all going to send in your newly created objects, aren't we! 

    Also just one last thing, I will be away for the next week, visiting the family, up north in Manchester! So I'll take this opportunity to say:

    "Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!"

  • 4-12-00 - I have some screenshots of some of the new objects on the way!
An office chair A 86' Camaro Mesh A kitchen table
  • 10-12-00  - We have a new site design here at Eddy's Simz, so please tell us your name and your thoughts and ideas for the new site.

  • 4-12-00  -  We are still in need of some new staff at Eddy's Simz, we need object, wall, skin and floor creators. Which ever part you think you could fill email me.
  • 28-9-00 - There have been some errors with the new downloads not working, so after a lot of hard work I fixed it and they should be working correctly. Oh and donít forget to vote!

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